Zvi Guttman graduated with honors from  the University of Maryland School of Law in 1989 where he was awarded  membership in the Order of the Coif.​  From 1989 through 1997 Zvi was an  associate and then a partner at Smith, Somerville & Case.  

In  1998, Zvi opened The Law Offices of Zvi Guttman, P.A.,  and has  represented Debtors, Creditors, Assignees and Trustees in all aspects of  bankruptcy and debtor-creditor relationships.  As a member of the  Chapter 7 Trustee Panel in Baltimore, Maryland, he has served as Trustee  in over 12,000 Chapter 7 cases.  Zvi has also served as a Chapter 11  trustee and litigation trustee in numerous cases.  

Significant Cases

Belvedere Seafood

Served as operating Chapter 7 Trustee for 5 weeks in order to liquidate fresh seafood inventory in orderly fashion. 

Annapolis Nissan, Inc.

Appointed as Chapter 11 Trustee due to  Debtor fraud.  Kept dealership from “going dark” to enable liquidation  of all inventory and sale of Debtor’s Nissan and Kia Franchise. 

Regency Homes Corporation

Liquidated largest privately owned home  builder in Maryland. Negotiated consensual sales of 420 parcels of real  estate in various stages of development resulting in over $33,000,000 in  disbursements to secured and unsecured creditors. Prosecuted over 300  avoidance actions. 

Carr-Lowery Glass Company

Worked with secured creditor to maximize  value of Debtor’s real estate and remaining equipment.  Real Estate  valued at under $4,000,000 extensively marketed and sold for $6,800,000. 

Capitol Industries, Inc.

Operated multi-location movie theater business. 

Key Leasing, Inc.

Appointed as Chapter 11 Trustee due to  Debtor fraud.  Operated long term car leasing business (1200 leases) for  7 months.  Negotiated resolutions of competing claims of 12 banks to  vehicle collateral. 

Railworks, Corp.

Appointed as Litigation Trustee following  confirmation of Chapter 11 Plan of Railworks and 21 subsidiaries.  Charged with prosecuting over 400 avoidance actions ranging from  $10,000 to over $10,000,000 as well as a number of construction claims  ranging from $25,000 to over $5,000,000. 

The PAPPG Grantor Trust (PhyAmerica)

Appointed as co-Litigation Trustee  following confirmation of Chapter 11 Plan of PhyAmerica and  approximately 240 related entities. Prosecuted several multi-million  dollar suits against former principal and others.  Provided for a 75%  distribution to unsecured general creditors. 

Commerce, LLC

Brought $30,000,000 legal malpractice suit.  Prosecuted over 165 avoidance actions. 

City Homes, Inc.

Appointed as Chapter 11 Plan Trustee and  liquidated hundreds of scattered rental home sites and several apartment  complexes to create multi-million fund for the payment of lead paint  claims.  

Clark Turner

Represented Chapter 7 Trustee in liquidating several unusual assets. 

Capital Teas, Inc.

Converted Chapter 11 liquidation of national tea retailer.